7 Must-Have Earrings

7 Must-Have Earrings

We have found earrings to be the jewelry that can most alter your appearance.  It can take you from, oh tiny detail to WOW! those make the outfit!  After years of earring selection for our subscribers, we have determined the absolute 7 must-have earring styles that WILL get noticed and keep your look fresh and fun!

1.  A good HOOP.  Doesn't matter if you wear big or small earrings, a hoop is a girls best friend (after diamonds and her dog).  The hoop look gives just enough metallic shimmer to brighten your face without stealing the entire show.  Find a good pair and use them often.

2.  A colorful pair.  Everyone knows the color they wear the best.  The right red on a brunette can make her look like a bombshell.  The right shade of blue on a blue-eyed girl makes her eyes smile and sparkle.  Take your color and get a pair of earrings in it.  IT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY. 

3. A SUPER SIMPLE pair.  You may think they are boring or don't look like much laying on your dresser, but a quality pair in the best finish for you (gold is my jam), will work with ANY outfit on your late days when you grab a pair and put them on in the car on the way to work.  Or better yet,  just keep them in your car, for the days you need 'em.

4.  The TRENDY pair.  You will need a new pair of these every season.  They are the pair you are sorta scared to wear out, like do these actually look good on me?  But to be honest, if you like them, other people will for sure be interested in them.  They will look.  And think about them.  They may not actually decide to buy the exact pair of earrings you are wearing, but I can guarantee the next time you see them they will be trying out their own 'DARING' style.  It happens with me and my friends ALL. THE. TIME.  

5.The GLAM pair.  These are ornate and glitzy and can be worn to a formal work event, a wedding, birthday, graduation, or your favorite late-night club.   They are fancy and can work with a LBD or a fitted white tank and your best jeans.  Every woman will wear them differently, that is what makes earrings A-MAZING!

6.  The Studs.  Roll out your fav jeans & converse OR leggins and hoodie.  The studs are your BFF for your casual style days.  I recommend a really unique stud that people can't help but get a closer look.

7.  The TEXTURED pair.  YOU NEED earrings with some texture.  From leather to tassels, cork to threaded, beads to acrylic--you have to try these out to see what really looks good on you.  This is one of the reasons HANGSQUAD was created!  To allow you to try new looks without a huge cost.  I can guarantee you WILL NOT like all these textures.  You will think some look cheap or gawdy on you.  But you WILL find one you love and YOU WILL GET COMPLIMENTS ALL THE TIME once you find it!  

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