What’s New in ‘22

It’s a new year and there is a lot to look forward to. 

So….what’s new?  We’re glad you asked!

Monthly subscriptions are a thing of the wonderful past.  The last few boxes will go out next week and that’s all folks.  If you had a subscription with us it has been cancelled and now is the chance to start fresh.  Accounts are still active, so your logins will still work if you choose to re-subscribe.

How do you get HANGSQUAD earrings?

You have three options.

#1.  Sign up for a quarterly subscription box.  Boxes ship every 3 months.  Choose from a 5,10, or 20 pack of earrings each quarter!  So, more earrings…less often.  Always the latest looks and styles that fit the season.  We select the earrings to match your style profile.

#2.  Buy a one-time box.  Don’t want any commitment?  This is the option for you.  Just order a box when you need one.  Choose from a 5, 10 or 20 pack.  We select the earrings to match your style profile.

#3.  No subscription, no surprises.  Just buy the earrings you like from our SHOP.  Check out the products, decide what you need and ADD TO CART!  Purchase 4+ pairs and get free shipping.

Of course, there are still pre-paid gift subscriptions available- they too will ship quarterly (every 3 months).  

It’s going to be a great year of earrings!!

Thank you to our super loyal squad of subscribers.  

Wishing you your best year yet!!

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