Why should I sign up?

#1 It’s fun! You get something exciting in the mail each month (not just bills) and you get to try out new looks that you won’t find in stores. You will be amazed at how great you can feel in a bright white t-shirt, your favorite blue jeans, and some great NEW earrings.

#2 It’s easy! Life is busy and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to shop. With HangSquad, you’ll have new earrings each month without the hassle of malls, parking, and searching!

#3 It’s a deal!  Where else can you get two pairs of on-trend wearable earrings for $22?

#4 It’s the perfect gift. Our gift subscriptions are FUN for her and easy for you!  Great gift for any girl who loves earrings!

How does HangSquad work?

Sign up for a $22 monthly subscription and you will receive 2 new pairs of earrings every month in the mail (shipping is included-US only).

Do I get to pick my earrings?

No, we do the work for you! After you sign up for your subscription you can fill out a STYLE PROFILE that will help us match your favorite looks.  Then we find earrings that fit your look and send them straight to you. Surprise!

How do I get started?

Step 1: Go to the SHOP.  Add the Monthly HangSquad Subscription to your cart.

Step 2 (optional): Check the EXTRA SHOP to see if there is a pair of earrings that you would love to purchase as an add-on to your box for a great price (no extra shipping fees).

Step 3: Checkout.

Step 4: Fill out the STYLE PROFILE.  It pinpoints YOUR personal style and helps us be sure you get earrings you will LOVE to wear.

Step 5 (optional): Follow us on Instagram @hangsquad and catch a sneak peek of the earrings that were selected for the month for each of our styles. It’s a great way for us to get to know your favorite looks and we’ll try to get at least one of the earrings you like in your next box!

Step 6: Check your mailbox for your earrings to arrive around the 15th! WOO!

What if I get a pair of earrings that just aren’t my favorite–can I return?

No returns or refunds at this time.  We hope you LOVE both pair you receive, but if one just isn’t a fit, SHARE them with your sister or best girl-friend.

I see a pair of earrings I want in the shop!  Can I just order them?

If you have an active subscription with us -YES!!

Subscribers get access to special pricing on earrings in the Subscriber Extra Shop and will receive the extra earrings as an addition to their monthly box. 

So Subscribers, if there is a pair of earrings from JULY that you saw in the HangSquad Lookbook or on Instagram that you didn’t get in your July box, you can purchase them for a great price in our Subscriber SHOP.  The earrings will be added to your AUGUST box as a 3rd pair. No extra shipping fee!

What type of jewelry should I expect?

Cute, quality pieces that you probably can’t find at your favorite store in the mall. We try and test the quality of every earring style before we place our customer order to ensure they are comfortable, stylish, durable and wearable.  This is costume jewelry, so you won’t get real diamonds –however, we only buy quality earrings and will never ship anything that does not meet our standards.

What type of metal is your jewelry?

Our earrings come from U.S. merchandisers and are Lead and Nickel compliant. 

We have a lot of requests from interested subscribers with metal sensitivities.  Due to the variety and large selection of earrings we offer each month, we are unable to provide earrings that exclude certain metals that are specific for subscribers with metal sensitivities.  Also note: our HANGSQUAD earrings are not intended for children under the age of 12.  If you are looking for earrings for girls under the age of 12, see our HANGSQUADgirls subscription.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

Our monthly subscription will be billed every 30 days from the day of the month you sign up.  So if you sign up on the 1st, you will be billed around the 1st every month.  You can cancel at ANYTIME, but no refunds. If you decide to cancel your subscription, please do so before your billing day of the month.  As a little extra help, reminder emails are sent before your billing date to allow you to make changes to your subscription if needed BEFORE you are billed!

Our Monthly Subscription is powered by ReCharge who will handle your monthly billing.  They securely store your credit card information and re-bill you every 30 days.

We accept several forms of payment powered by Shopify Stripe for the monthly billing, however if you are just making a one-time purchase, you can use PayPal as well.  PayPal is not an option for the monthly recurring subscription.

When will my box arrive?

All boxes will arrive mid-month.  Delivery time may vary based on your shipping address.  On your very FIRST box….if you place your order before the 10th of the month, you will receive a box that VERY month.  If it’s after the 10th, your first box will not come until the following month.

I need to change my shipping or billing address.  What do I do?

You can LOG IN to your account at the top right hand corner of our website.  You must log in using the same email you purchased your order. 


Next to your shipping address is the word EDIT.  Click and update your address!  

If you have any concerns, please email us at hangsquad@gmail.com.

I want to cancel. Is this complicated? 

Nope, we won’t make it hard!  Cancel any day any time.  No extra fee, no long term commitment.

To Cancel:

LOG IN to your account at the top right hand corner of our website.  You must log in using the same email you purchased your order. 

Click MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS (on the left side of the page)

Your order history will pop up and give you the option to Cancel your Subscription.  

I've been given a gift subscription!  What do I need to do next?

Yay!  Welcome to the Squad! 

1. Follow the instructions in your email to redeem your Gift Card.

2. Fill out a STYLE PROFILE!  Please include your first and last name on the profile, along with your email address (if you want shipping notifications).  Your profile will automatically link to your gift subscription using your name. If you would like different sizes/styles monthly, you may complete a new STYLE PROFILE every month.  We always use the most recently completed STYLE PROFILE to choose the earrings for your gift subscription. 

If you have any questions, email us at hangsquad@gmail.com


Give HangSquad a try!  You won’t be disappointed.

Other questions?

Email us: hangsquad@gmail.com