Have a Salon full of girls who love earrings?  Our Salon Package is a fun way to spoil your stylists AND have some fun with your clients while you educate them about the latest trends in hair AND all things fashion! 

Every client comes in to your Salon to look better and feel better about themselves.  They often count on their hairstylist to keep them up on trends and to make them look their best!  While your stylists are perfecting their art on client's hair, they can introduce them to a fun way to show off their new pixie or color by adding some cute earrings to compliment their new look.

Our HSM KIT includes:  12 pairs of earrings for your stylists to keep (variety box, all styles and sizes so each stylist can pick a pair to wear that suits their look.)  10 small HANGSQUAD custom decal stickers for your salon mirrors so each stylist can refer their clients to our company when they get compliments on their earrings!  It also gives each stylists something new and fun to talk with their clients when they see the decal while in the chair and ask 'What's HangSquad?' 


Do we selling anything?  Nope!  Just talking about our earrings if it comes up!

Will we sell earrings in our salon?  Nope!  All the earrings you receive in your kit are for your stylists to wear and keep!  If your clients decide to sign up, it will be through our website and we will ship orders directly to them!  No inventory or hassle for you at all!

What should we tell our clients about HANGSQUAD?  It's $22/box, you get 2 pairs in each box, customized to your STYLE PROFILE.  Sign up at hangsquad.com 

Any other requirements?

Kits must be shipped directly to a Salon.  Limit 3 kits per Salon.  Decal stickers to be placed on your Salon mirrors for a month after you receive your kit.