Monthly HangSquad Subscription Details

Join HangSquad and get two pairs of stylish earrings delivered to your door each month. We’ll choose your earrings according to how you fill out your STYLE PROFILE (but every once in a while we might send you something a little different just to give you something new to try)(details on filling out your STYLE PROFILE are below). 

This subscription will automatically continue and you will be charged $22.00 every 30 days from the day you first sign up. Deliveries will arrive the middle of every month. Not satisfied? You can cancel at any time.

*If you sign up by the 10th of the month, you will get your first HangSquad box that same month. If you signup AFTER the 10th, your first box will arrive the next month.

Manage your subscription easily by creating an ACCOUNT (at the top right hand corner on the home page).   You can change payment info, change your address or make changes to your subscription at any time.  Be sure to fill out a STYLE PROFILE to tell us a little bit about you!  Give us details on the style, size, finish you prefer to wear and even upload a pic so we can help pick out styles that will look great on you!